Lego bracelet

Recycled Lego Bracelet by Emiko Oye

Recycled Lego Bracelet by Emiko Oye

What a sweet little find! Artist Emiko Oye creates amazing necklaces (imagine something a queen would wear to her coronation) by recycling those ubiquitous plastic building blocks, legos. The photo at left is a much simpler version, available in her etsy shop, but I really enjoy the color combinations she comes up with and how she sneaks in translucent and architectural legos.


Just got back from NYC, Larry Moss (a dear friend and frequent collaborator of mine) & I spent 2 days making a balloon interpretation of a gown. He was invited to create the piece in support of the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge.

Added bonus: got to see my little sister, and had the best guacamole in the world afterwards. Life is beautiful…

Anyhow, Larry & I had gotten in far later than we’d planned on Thursday (there were 45 mph winds that delayed our trip and at one point slowed traffic to a stand still about a mile from where we were going. What would have normally taken 3 minutes took us an hour and a half!) So we were up half the night working, and had to start bright and early again the next day- since the show was that night. In the midst of all of this there were also 250 little promo cards for the swag bags,  that were not quite assembled yet. I’ll add photos of  those tomorrow, but for now I am zonked! ZZZZzzzzzz…