Microcrochet on display at the Strong Museum of Play (hooray!)

Come on, if you had the chance to rhyme that many words in a row, you know you’d do it too ;-).

Here’s a sneak peek of a few of the pieces that will be on display, sorry I don’t have any of the finished “larger scenes” you’ll just have to stop by in person! I’ll be there on August 20th between 1 and 4 doing demonstrations (though I need to figure out how I’m going to have lots of people see something that’s @ 1/2 inch tall being constructed… Should I do macro-crochet so they can see? Or does that defeat the purpose?! If you’ve got any suggestions that I can put together before Sat, let me know in the comments below-

UPDATE: Super-crazy excited to say these little guys were featured on the CRAFT blog! :-) But I just realized that I didn’t mention the Whimsical Art exhibit will be on display August 20-November 20th 2011, so you’ve got a few months to get a chance to see my work as well as artwork by my partner Larry Moss, and good friend Rob Rogalski. Let me know what you think of the show!

Hot off the presses! New Book: “Artist Eyes”

Super duper excited, the boxes just arrived from the press, and they look fantastic! Grab a copy either directly from Airigami, or through Amazon.

A light-hearted gallery tour by Larry Moss and Kelly Cheatle

It’s never too early to teach art appreciation. This light and airy view of art is an ideal way to introduce kids to the works of the great masters. Eight famous paintings, re-imagined by Larry Moss, are presented in these pages, paired with rhymes containing a hint of art history.

This is Airigami’s first illustrated children’s book. The pages contain the images from Larry’s Masterworks series. This is a fun and affordable way to acquire a complete collection of artwork.

My site is ugly. For the moment…

My site was hacked by some indiscriminate Ahmdosa hacker. He can suffer a thousand papercuts as far as I’m concerned. Thankfully the damage was minimal, but there’s going to be a ton of work for me that I really didn’t need over the next few days to get things back to normal. I has a sad. Feel free to leave me words of encouragement!

Day 2 of 30: My daughter is amazing.

If you follow me on any of the various social tools I frequent (twitter, instagram etc) you’ll know that I’m constantly singing the praises of my children. Yes. I know everyone’s kids are the best in the world- but man oh man, Chloe’s earned that badge tonight. I am completely SMITTEN over a present that she made for my dear friend Heather (aka @drfeather) who is expecting, so with Heather’s permission- I’m sharing it here.

Your Baby Book (the baby is saying mama)
Early labor? Oh wait- I can see the head!
She’s here! (someone might want to catch that…)
Aww Momma… I love the way her eyes changed to have a look of contentment on them.
And now she’s breastfeeding! Look at how she’s drawn her cradling her baby!

Ok, maybe it’s me- but she drew this all on her own accord. I love the details, I love the expression she’s captured on their faces. Did I mention she’s 6 years old? She is already learning how to convey emotion and feeling and depth in her drawings. When she’s absorbed in her work everything else seems to just move more slowly around her. She’s in her own world, in the zone- the place where everything flows… I consider myself so incredibly lucky to get to watch her grow as an artist.

(hey flower if you get to read this some day, YOU ARE AWESOME!)



On display my tiny Yoda it was.

super tiny Microcrochet Yoda

Microcrochet Yoda

My tiny Yoda was on vacation this weekend. He left the tiny plastic box in my desk for a much larger one at The Strong in Rochester, NY!  I was super excited to have him included in their Star Wars event at their Museum of Play.

I think next time I display a micro piece, I should include one of my needles and some yarn. Listening to some folks in line I realized it wasn’t immediately apparent (due to it’s size) what/how it was painstakingly made vs just a tiny figurine. Meh- ya learn…I do love the acrylic base he was placed on. I just so happen to have a bag full of clear plexi circles just waiting to be used for something- sweet!

It was also an honor to have my work shown next to the work of a good friend of mine, Rob Rogalski. His puppets are utterly amazing in detail and execution. I’ll have to get some good pics of his work to show off, the iphone didn’t do them justice!

Doesn't tiny Yoda look so stately standing there?

A tiny force to be reckoned with!