Ok. I haven’t posted in forever. This needs to change… Maybe the whole site will… #staytuned.
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Mermaid Necklace
It’s been awhile since I’ve made a “mermaid necklace”, (or so my niece calls them). It’s a fun way to
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Latest Airigami Awesomeness: The Swing
I know, I need to post more- but this month I have the best excuse. Check out this amazeballs balloon
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Oreo animation
Ever since I carved a cameo out of an oreo I’ve wanted to create an animation. Thankfully Larry obliged and
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Needle Felted Cameo by Kelly Cheatle
Needle felted Cameo
It’s finished!! (will post the in progress pics later)
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Sculpey Angel on the Head of a Pin
Sculpey Angel Dancing on the Head of a Pin
Working tiny is natural for me, I’ve been working at the micro scale for decades. I have fond memories of
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Valentine Woven Heart Craft
Valentine’s Day – Woven Heart Craft
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner- and these simple woven paper hearts are a great snowy weekend project! Change
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Mitten Tamer!
When 7:30am rolls around I’m really only semi-conscious. While I need to make sure all four kids get their breakfast,
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The never ending school supply hunting & gathering fiasco
I know I’m not alone. I don’t know when it started, but man- 25 years ago getting together back to
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Microcrochet on display at the Strong Museum of Play (hooray!)
Come on, if you had the chance to rhyme that many words in a row, you know you’d do it
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