Day 2 of 30: My daughter is amazing.

If you follow me on any of the various social tools I frequent (twitter, instagram etc) you’ll know that I’m constantly singing the praises of my children. Yes. I know everyone’s kids are the best in the world- but man oh man, Chloe’s earned that badge tonight. I am completely SMITTEN over a present that she made for my dear friend Heather (aka @drfeather) who is expecting, so with Heather’s permission- I’m sharing it here.

Your Baby Book (the baby is saying mama)
Early labor? Oh wait- I can see the head!
She’s here! (someone might want to catch that…)
Aww Momma… I love the way her eyes changed to have a look of contentment on them.
And now she’s breastfeeding! Look at how she’s drawn her cradling her baby!

Ok, maybe it’s me- but she drew this all on her own accord. I love the details, I love the expression she’s captured on their faces. Did I mention she’s 6 years old? She is already learning how to convey emotion and feeling and depth in her drawings. When she’s absorbed in her work everything else seems to just move more slowly around her. She’s in her own world, in the zone- the place where everything flows… I consider myself so incredibly lucky to get to watch her grow as an artist.

(hey flower if you get to read this some day, YOU ARE AWESOME!)