On display my tiny Yoda it was.

super tiny Microcrochet Yoda

Microcrochet Yoda

My tiny Yoda was on vacation this weekend. He left the tiny plastic box in my desk for a much larger one at The Strong in Rochester, NY!  I was super excited to have him included in their Star Wars event at their Museum of Play.

I think next time I display a micro piece, I should include one of my needles and some yarn. Listening to some folks in line I realized it wasn’t immediately apparent (due to it’s size) what/how it was painstakingly made vs just a tiny figurine. Meh- ya learn…I do love the acrylic base he was placed on. I just so happen to have a bag full of clear plexi circles just waiting to be used for something- sweet!

It was also an honor to have my work shown next to the work of a good friend of mine, Rob Rogalski. His puppets are utterly amazing in detail and execution. I’ll have to get some good pics of his work to show off, the iphone didn’t do them justice!

Doesn't tiny Yoda look so stately standing there?

A tiny force to be reckoned with!