Oops, I ate Abraham Lincoln by accident.

Abraham Lincoln Pancake

Look at that! How could you not eat that pancake?!

I was working on an EPIC pancake composition to celebrate President’s Day (we do crazy pancakes for every holiday possible) and I’m afraid I accidentally ate Abe’s head before I took a pic of the whole thing. See what happens when you break from your slo-carb diet? All hell breaks loose.

It’s really too bad, because I liked how Abe came out- much more so than George Washington. Why couldn’t I have nibbled on George instead? Probably because deep down I knew if I was going to cheat on my diet, I shouldn’t do it with some run-of-the mill presidential-portrait-pancake.

I made an attempt to salvage the composition with a leftover squirrel pancake (See below). I thought maybe you all would believe that he did it. I even tried giving him sharp pointy teeth… If only I had more batter, maybe I could have made John Wilkes Booth, but I think that would have been in poor taste.