Oops, I ate Abraham Lincoln by accident.

Abraham Lincoln Pancake

Look at that! How could you not eat that pancake?!

I was working on an EPIC pancake composition to celebrate President’s Day (we do crazy pancakes for every holiday possible) and I’m afraid I accidentally ate Abe’s head before I took a pic of the whole thing. See what happens when you break from your slo-carb diet? All hell breaks loose.

It’s really too bad, because I liked how Abe came out- much more so than George Washington. Why couldn’t I have nibbled on George instead? Probably because deep down I knew if I was going to cheat on my diet, I shouldn’t do it with some run-of-the mill presidential-portrait-pancake.

I made an attempt to salvage the composition with a leftover squirrel pancake (See below). I thought maybe you all would believe that he did it. I even tried giving him sharp pointy teeth… If only I had more batter, maybe I could have made John Wilkes Booth, but I think that would have been in poor taste.



balloon dog pancake

Homage to Jeff Koons

I’m not quite sure when it started, but we make some pretty wild pancakes in this house. If you’re interested in trying it yourself, here are a few tips:

  1. Be sure the kids aren’t starving for breakfast. There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of a masterpiece when they walk in with empty plates in their hands and sad looks on their faces. (I would presume of course…)
  2. Food coloring can work to add color to the batter, but the family seems to prefer color & flavor. The best additions we’ve found so far have been cocoa powder and (believe it or not) JELL-O?! Just mix some of the powder in with the batter and you’re good to go. A little goes a long way. We’ve been working on the same packet of Jell-O for a month or two- just be sure to clip the top closed, or you could end up with a multicolored catastrophe in your cabinet.
  3. Zip-top baggies work great for controlling the flow of the batter onto the griddle. Just seal the batter in the bag & clip the corner. My mother used to do this for frosting, and it seems to work fairly well as long as the hole in the bag isn’t too large.
  4. I’m going to invest in a few ketchup bottles from the dollar store. (Did I actually say I was going to invest in ketchup bottles? Seriously- if making wild pancakes wasn’t proof enough that I need to get out of the house more, I think I just crossed that line.) I’ve seen Jim the pancake god use squeeze bottles to make his amazing 3-d pancakes and I want to be as cool as he is someday.
  5. Toss in an M&M or two for accent- they can be shmushed in after their cooked to avoid the candy coating from exploding. Same goes with chocolate chips. Oh- and marshmallows do not work. Trust me.
  6. Take requests from the kids. Even when they come out looking goofy, you’ll all get a laugh.
  7. Don’t be afraid to mess up. Remember- once you bite into them- they’ll all look the same anyway!

What are you waiting for? Go bust out the griddle already!