Fun & Free Potty Chart!

I remember the days of potty training. It’s messy and there are days when you just want to take a cue from your toddler and have a good old-fashioned whining fit. Like so many childhood phases, it seems so much longer while you’re in the midst of it and soon enough you’ll be wondering where the time went.

For those of you who are in the thick of it, a few bits of goodness & something fun from a seasoned mom…

Some kids seem to just “get it” right off the bat. If they don’t, remember- It’s OK. You’re doing a great job. Breathe. This chart is going to help, or at least make you laugh so hard you’ll feel better just for the attempt.

My 3 kids were born fairly close together and the complexity level of anything increases exponentially when there are multiple small children running/being carried around. This chart worked well for them- (and for me!) not only to see their progress but the visual correlation between the drawing/coloring in the diagram seemed to make it “click” for at least one of my monkeys.

Yes. I'm completely serious.

How it works:

  1. When your little trainer sits on the potty, give them a sticker to put on the tank of the toilet image. Even if nothing happens- it’s for the attempt. Go kid, Go!
  2. If they happen to pee in the potty while they’re sitting there- let them color the bowl in yellow.
  3. I had originally made “poop” stickers to go in the bowl, and actually now that I remember how darn cute & ridiculous¬† they were, I might just have to get some printed and sell this as a kit on Etsy, but a brown marker works just as well. (plus some kids are amused at drawing the poo shapes, and Poo-casso jokes. hahahah)

I’ve got 3 versions of the chart I am giving to teh internets to share and be used. Print them for your kiddos, your friends etc. Just don’t be a jerk and try to make money off them- k?

Chart 1 – “First Steps”¬† 3 potties/page (let them get used to the idea)

Chart 2 – “Getting There” 10 potties/page (great for, hey if you fill in the whole chart we’ll <insert bribe* here>)

Chart 3 – “All Aboard the Potty Train” A week’s worth of potties (3/day, you could always add another sheet below tucked underneath)

*(A word on bribes- rather than “stuff” like toys or food, try something like special trips/time/projects with Mommy or Daddy. What do you want them to value?)

So please, share with your friends, in the least they’ll get a big kick out of it. My son Wyatt and I wrote an adorable book at the time called “Plip, Plop, Splash!” about the joy & frustration of potty training- and it’s hysterical. I just need to illustrate it. (Maybe now that they’re all “big” I could start doing that…) If I do- you’ll see it here!!

(@yaheesplace – enjoy & good luck!!)