I’ve taken up microcrochet!!

I said I was going to get back to blogging about 6 months ago. I think that was a bit premature. I don’t think you can really plan on doing anything big so soon after a move. And being a single mom of 3, it’s hard to get any craft project of substantial size actually finished. So while I’d love to get back into my paper sculptures, that will require that I have dedicated studio space that will be left undisturbed inbetween work sessions. (working on it… stay tuned!) Fortunately I’ve stumbled across a new-to-me crafting technique… MICROCROCHET!!! These teeny tiny little dolls and bears and whatever else I can think to make can be finished in one or two sittings, depending on how intricate I make them. I can even pack a tiny bag of supplies to slip in my purse to drag along to Wyatt’s fencing practice, or waiting rooms & whatnot.

I stumbled across these sweet little miniatures by an Italian artist named Mariella on etsy a few months back-  but it took awhile to find crochet hooks small enough for me to try it out. I’m catching my groove using size 10 and 12 crochet hooks (about .75 mm) from Crafts Bits & Pieces in Fairport, NY. I started off with little bears, and a pug or two. I swear I’ll post a mini album of these mini creations soon- but if you’re a fan of twitter, I post photos of most of the things I make right after I’m done on there. I don’t use any patterns, I just free-form them as I go along.

I’m always looking for new suggestions on what to make, so feel free to leave a comment with an idea for a creature etc.